State of the Moon

Thoughts about the last ten years, and the next ten.

Greetings from Space. That’s where I live according to my youngest nephew. Well it is far from home, but it’s not that strange, and probably not nearly as cold, even for Finland.

Right now on TV plays a Finnish documentary about functionalist design, appropriate, as it’s to some extent the inspiration for the design of this new site, and the reason why I’m re-committing myself to publish some content for the internet worth being there, and rather than an experimental programmed art-piece that would certainly be easy to maintain, the choice of a structure here that will facilitate that said content at a point when I can finally get my act together. I do have at least a few tips worth sharing!

Full optimism for 2010 then, with the wheels of progress well in motion since settling here as an unofficial Canadian diplomat, and every New Year marks a new chapter in personal development and inter-cultural relations. Over the holidays I’ve had time to read a few books, and study plenty of math and physics thanks to the great collection of online lectures at – It’s a great feeling that even though I can’t attend MIT right now, I at least have an idea of what I’m missing, if I don’t get anything else out of it. But really, the lectures are very clear, and perfectly augment my Finnish studies, when it’s sometimes hard to make sense of all the ‘pitkä matematiikka’.

As the decade has turned, thoughts also came to me about the last ten years, and the next ten. I’ve thought about what I’ve accomplished, and future plans. It’s hard to imagine being 36 years old, even in terms of age. You might laugh that it’s still so young, but I suppose it’s all relative. I was reading that in 1794 a certain Carl Gauss at age 17 developed a method to measure planetary orbits from three quick glimpses. Over 215 years later, and I’ve just learned the formula for that, so I feel like I might have had a slow start in this area. On the upside, having also read the Dalai Lama’s book, The Universe in a Single Atom, I do feel on solid ground with my own spiritual well being, so I’ll maintain that a multi-disciplinary balance must be my style. Still it’s a good chance now to check the focus and steer life’s direction as well as possible. And that’s where it’s at.